How Do You Reach Customers After They Step Off Your Lot?
New Program For Car Dealers Announced

TUSTIN, California (March 25, 2002) EMarket ONE, a proven leader in strategic marketing solutions, has turned its eye to the auto industry.  For decades, car dealers have been plagued by the lack of follow-up with potential customers who did not buy a car on their first visit.  A new program is being developed, using state of the art technology and resources, to end this problem forever.

“People today take time to make a decision,” states Randy Hines, president of the company and program visionary.  “Car dealers are beginning to realize that with the Internet, people are doing more research and shopping around.  This makes a follow up program that works more important than ever.”

Automobile dealers spend thousands of dollars in radio, television and newspaper advertising to get people to visit their car showrooms.  The best results a dealer can hope for is that twenty to thirty percent of the people who visit will buy a car.  The seventy to eighty percent who don’t buy a car walk off the car lot, with the majority never to return.

“Our program will be designed to get the visitor to register for a regular newsletter from the dealership,” Hines explains.  We will provide incentives such as monthly drawings, special offers, and member-only promotions to get them to sign up.  They will receive important information on new models, financing programs, sales, service offers and more through this newsletter.”

That is where the technology kicks in.  Traditionally, the cost of printing and delivering a newsletter every few weeks would make this project cost prohibitive.  EMarket ONE will use the Internet and special database programs to send the right message to the right consumers.  This cuts costs and improves efficiency.

“What used to take weeks to get out to a customer, from design to delivery, now takes a day,” says Hines.  “Our proven newsletter system drops a colorful, exciting newsletter on each subscriber’s computer instantly.  They can choose to print the newsletter and any coupons on it, delete it, or even unsubscribe from it at any time.  We aim to improve the car dealers’ return on their advertising investment astronomically through this program.”

The company plans to spend the next few months developing the system to make it as simple and easy to use as possible.  Planned launch of the program is first quarter 2003.

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