Leadkeeper a raging success!

YORBA LINDA, California (April 24, 2003) Leadkeeper, Inc. is proud to report that its first commercial use has been an outstanding success. 

In operation for less than two weeks, the system has received seven individual responses from car buying prospects - over a 10% response to the Leadkeeper sales letters!  These are tracked responses directly from the e-mail, and do not include repeat visits from prospects or telephone responses.

With the first newsletter scheduled to go to prospects and customers within the next week, the service and parts departments of the client dealership are anticipating similar results.

"This is proof positive that our system not only works, but will pay off for auto dealers big time," stated Jane Goth, CEO of the company.  "We knew that responses would develop over time, but to see results like this in less than two weeks exceeded even our optimistic expectations."

The company is developing a nationwide network of authorized distributors to provide a local customer service contact for auto dealers.  As the company's service is relatively new and very unique, Leadkeeper Inc. has been anxiously awaiting the results of the first commercial application.

As dealerships begin utilizing the efficiency and power of the Internet, consumers will benefit by being able to access information from dealers that they want to hear from instead of the other way around.

Contact: Jay Goth


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