LEADKeeper Announces Beta Testing

TUSTIN, California (September 25, 2002)  LEADKeeper Automotive Systems has announced that beta testing of their proprietary automobile dealer follow-up system has begun.  The company is answering the need of car salespeople everywhere by offering a proven hands-off lead management program that will ensure continuous customer contact at remarkably low cost.

"We have been designing and delivering electronic newsletters for clients on a regular basis for some time now," explained Randy Hines, president of the company.  "The trick in this case is to apply our experience and design a true hassle-free system that salespeople will use."

He went on to state that one of the big problems with any sales organization is that follow-up can be spotty at best.  Taking the effort out of the hands of the salesperson yields multiple benefits.

"With our program, a salesperson needs to do only one thing.  That is collect the lead.  We make it easy for them by incorporating an element of fun and excitement into our follow-up system.  For example, the dealer may sponsor a monthly drawing in which all of the customers who are on the list are eligible.  There may also be special offers and incentives that are available only to people who receive the newsletter.

"After they get the person's name and e-mail address, they give that information to the receptionist or staff member responsible for entering it into the program.  At that point, the dealer's work is done and we take over.

"A letter is sent to the customer immediately, so that it is on their computer when they get home.  It thanks them for visiting and lets them know that they are eligible for the special offers.  Every two weeks they then receive a newsletter from the dealer, telling them about special promotions, financing offers, etc. and announcing the month's winners of the drawing."

Naturally, newsletter recipients can choose to unsubscribe at any time.  "Dealers only want to talk to potential buyers.  They like the idea of keeping the list down to people who are truly interested in what the company has to offer.  Basically they are building an opt-in database of prospective auto, service and parts customers that they can talk to on a regular basis."

The company plans to continue to fine-tune the system and launch the service early in 2003.  "We have talked to local dealers about this program and they are really excited," concluded Hines.  "They love the idea of knowing that every person who visits their showroom, website or calls in can register - and that they don't have to worry about it after that!"

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